Prayer to eleggua


Eleggua is one of the deities of the yoruba religion. Syncretized in Santeria with Holy Child of Atocha or San Antonio de Padua.Eleggua owns the roads and the destination

Offerings to Eleggua

Eleggua is offering fish and jutía smoked, roasted corn, coconut, palm oil, brandy, snuff, candy and sweets of all kinds.

Prayer to Eleggua

I call using your intercessor Olofi Elegguá , the sublime
influence of your presence to succeed in all issues of my life and to overcome all the difficulties they have in my way.

invoke your help, Elegguá , to enlighten my way and put away from me
any bad influence, bad thought and anything bad that have.
I call upon Elegguá , for taking care of my family, my home, all people who love me and my.
I implore your presence to take me out of the danger that may stick on to enlighten me and my camino.Permiteme also me and everything I stand for display illuminated by Olorum infinite vibrations.
I believe in God Almighty


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